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U.S. defense chief lays ground for Obama meeting with Gulf allies

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi King Salman at Erga Palace upon his arrival for a summit meeting in Riyadh
By Yeganeh Torbati RIYADH (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and his Gulf Arab counterparts met in Riyadh on Wednesday to discuss ways to counter Iranian influence and fight the Islamic State group, hours before President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia. Obama will meet Saudi King Salman before a summit with all the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), also in Riyadh, on Thursday, with shared security and defense issues likely to dominate the agenda.

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Will there be lasting peace in the Middle East?
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A Vision of Hope for Our Time

We seem to have painted ourselves into an existential corner, in which our very survival is quickly becoming an open question.

What can we do about Extremism, the Environment, and the Economy?


We propose SELLING A VISION OF HOPE which has 5 parts to it like the FIVE fingers of your hand:

ONE Ideology: Use an Ideology of Common Sense to speak to one another with common sense and with a sense of personal dignity.

TWO Investment: Invest in one another to create jobs which protect the environment, which grow our economies, and which help to neutralize extremist thinking.


THREE Hope: Use Ideology and Investment to sell one another on a Vision of Hope - a Vision of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom.

FOUR Public Diplomacy: Sustain the hope by launching a series of Public Diplomacy Programs which will prop the vision up and carry it forward.

FIVE Fight: Fight against the forces of extremism, but position the fight within a Vision of Hope, which will elevate the fight on the ground to a higher moral plain, by giving the fight a moral clarity of purpose.


If all this seems a bit over the top, it probably is. But considering the alternative, this may well be the time, before time runs out, to dream the impossible and to make the impossible come true. Learn how your help could make all the difference in the world.

An Ideology of Common Sense

An Ideology of Common Sense is a new way of thinking and a new way of talking to one another, a new framework for rational discourse, based on the proposition that even in our fractured world there exists a core set of principles which are universal in their scope, and which have universal appeal. Common sense may be the only gift we were given to bring order to our lives. In our fractured world, common sense is the common denominator!

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Visionaries for Peace: A New Model for The Middle East

A Middle East Initiative to Put in Place a New Model for the Middle East, by Inspiring the World's Business and Political Leaders to Embrace a Vision of Hope, to Push the Peace Process Forward from Behind the Scenes, and to help Revitalize the Entire Region with Green Industrial Zones, Good Paying Jobs, Moderate Candidates, and Requisite Institutions, for the Sake of Global Peace, Prosperity and Freedom. 

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Selling a Vision of Hope 101: An Introduction

What a wondrous world we live in. We look all around us and there is so much beauty to behold. And yet, there are grave problems as well, problems which are beginning to threaten our very existence on this good earth. What are the threats we face in our time? Granted, we may be generalizing somewhat, but it seems that the threats we face fall into three general categories: the threats to our Economy, the threats to the Environment, and the threats posed by ideological Extremism. We can refer to these types of threats-the Economy, the Environment, and Extremism-as the 3-E's, for short.

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A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon

A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon Nissim Dahan's book "Selling a Vision of Hope: A Refreshing Alternative to Armageddon" is available now from Amazon and Trafford Publishing.


In his book, Nissim unveils an optimistic roadmap - A Vision of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom - to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. Nissim believes that only the universal compass of Common Sense can guide our path to peace.


An Ideology of Common Sense, a common denominator between all mankind, is the underpinning concept of Selling a Vision of Hope.


Selling a Vision of Hope is indeed, a refreshing alternative.

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How Do You Sell Hope

You don?t have to be a prophet to realize that the world is moving, at an ever accelerating rate of speed, toward some sort of ultimate conclusion. We?ve been around as a species for some 2,000,000 years, and for 99% of that time we?ve used our God-given common sense to survive. But in the last two hundred years, from the Industrial Revolution to the recent phenomenon of globalization, we find ourselves hurtling briskly toward an existential culmination of world events. So I ask you, which way will we go as a species?

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Shalom USA Radio Interview

On September 23rd, 2007, Nissim (Nick) Dahan was interviewed by Jay Bernstein & Larry Cohen, and took calls from the listeners of the weekly radio show. Listen to this inspiring and thought provoking conversation. A transcript is also available.

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How to Beat the Ideological Extremist at His Own Game

The United States, along with many other Western nations, find themselves embroiled in a seemingly intractable struggle against the forces of ideological extremism and terror. The enemy is not Islam. Much of Islam is compatible with Western values, and most Muslims subscribe to those values. All religions contain certain scriptural passages which are not palatable to the modern mind. Most of us, however, use our common sense to ignore such passages, even as we embrace our respective religions. The enemy is ideological extremism.

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